Six Spring Driving Tips

Every season brings their own unique challenges for the driver. In the spring season, rains and the thawing winter make driving slippery and dangerous. Follow these tips to be ready for spring driving:

  • Potholes can be found everywhere in March and April after winter starts to let up. In early spring, this is especially a danger when municipalities have not fixed many of the potholes yet. Keep an eye out for potholes and watch for cars ahead of you driving outside of their lane; they could be avoiding a pothole you can’t see yet.
  • Spring rains combined with melting snow causes serious flooding and slippery roads. Reduced handling and slower brake time causes many accidents in slippery conditions.
  • Misty and foggy conditions are also common during the spring. Drive slower in these conditions because visibility is reduced.
  • Be wary of animal crossings in woodsy areas. Animal life usually begins stirring awake in the spring, and many wild animals are on the move in this season. If you see any deer crossing signs, heed the warning and keep your eyes peeled.
  • Windshield wipers often get damaged in the winter. Check their conditions and replace them if they have taken a bruising over the winter. With upcoming rains, you will want to have them in good condition.
  • If you live in a city or busy suburban area, be aware that nice weather is going to bring out bicycles, skateboards, motorcycles, and other recreational vehicles. While melting snow opens up the roads, you are going to have to share them!

As we enjoy the warming temperatures and begin to roll our windows down, don’t forget that slippery conditions and winter wear gives the spring time its own unique driving challenges.

Why should I get my windshield repaired right away?

When your car or vehicle takes minor windshield damage, you are fortunate to have the option to get your windshield repaired right away. Minor windshield damage can be defined in several ways. One way that makes the damage “minor” is if it’s in the form of a crack that is shorter than a dollar bill, “the long way”. Another kind of minor damage is circular or star shaped damage that is smaller than the size of a quarter. Another requirement is that the damage is not in the line of vision of the driver, because our safety standards require that we must replace windshields that have any damage directly in front of the driver.

If your damage meets these requirements, and our repair specialist signs off on it, you can get your windshield repaired instead of replaced. However, many drivers do not take advantage of this situation. Many drivers simply put off taking care of their damaged windshield because it is so minor. This catch-22 ends up costing people added money, because in most cases minor windshield damage does not stay that way. Minor cases of windshield damage often spread and become more serious over time. With weather, changes in temperature, and other elements, the glass can get warped and the damage can spread past the line of “minor” into a major case of damage.

Our windshield repair services are fast and affordable. A repair can be done in 20 minutes, versus an hour for a replacement. Many insurance companies will completely cover the cost of a repair, while some replacements require you to also put down a deductible. Also, it is much more safe to get your windshield repaired right away, instead of waiting.

Contact Wisconsin Windshield Centers today at (800) 900-1505 to find out if we can repair your windshield today.