How to Keep your Windshield Glass Healthy

Being on the road makes your windshield and auto glass continually vulnerable to damage; it is just an inevitable reality of driving. However, there are a few things you can do to extend the life of your auto glass.

  • Avoid slamming your car doors. Not only is this bad for your car door latch and power windows, slamming your car door can also damage your auto glass and windshield. The reverberations caused by slamming can cause minor damage over time.
  • Do not use ammonia-based cleaning products on your auto glass. This chemical causes damage over time to auto glass, and is especially damaging to the window tint in the glass.
  • Avoid leaving your car in direct sunlight for long stretches of time. Direct sunlight can actually shorten the life of your windshield and auto glass. In the same vein, avoid leaving glass with minor cracks in the sun, or putting any direct heat on minor windshield cracks. In the winter, do not put your defroster on windshield cracks for too long. This can stretch the extent of the damage and spread any cracks in the glass.
  • Don’t drive behind any large transport trucks, especially dirt or gravel trucks. You are practically asking for a cracked windshield driving behind a construction truck. Don’t forget to keep your distance!

The windshield, and to an extent all of your auto glass, is an important safety component for the automobile. Keep your glass healthy to avoid having it cracked or broken to often.

What Other Vehicles Can Wisconsin Windshield Centers Work On?

Wisconsin Windshield Centers provides windshield repair and replacements for more than just automobiles. We also work on larger specialty vehicles including mobile homes, tractor trailers, and buses.

Mobile homes have many sections of auto glass, all of which have the potential to break. They are also commonly used on very long trips, which increases the chances of breaking auto glass. Our auto glass repair technicians can service any area of a mobile home’s auto glass.

We also service windshield and auto glass repairs for tractor trailers. Like mobile homes, tractor trailers spend a lot of time on the road. Taking long trips on the highway leads to a high chance of auto glass damage. Our certified windshield repair technicians have the necessary training in order to repair these vehicles.

Another type of vehicle we do work on are buses. With dozens of windows and large windshields, buses have a good chance of suffering auto glass damage. Buses are also vulnerable to damage caused by vandalism. Our auto glass technicians can repair bus auto glass damage.

To find out of if we service your vehicle, contact Wisconsin Windshield Centers today.

How is your Windshield a Safety Feature for Automobiles?

Your windshield does more than just keep bugs and rocks out of your eyes. It is also a key safety component for your automobile. Just like the seat belt, air bags, and anti-lock brakes, the windshield has developed with automobiles over time to become an important element for keeping the driver and passengers safe.

The early windshield was designed to help the driver see while on the road. Nowadays, the windshield heavily contributes to the structural integrity of every automobile. In rollovers, the cabin of the car must remain intact as the roof of the car takes heavy impact, and if the car ends up landing on its back. The windshield helps provide the roof of the car with support, preventing the car from crushing in from the roof.

In front end collisions, the windshield also provides structural support to the front of the car. The windshield can provide up to 45% of structural support in front end collisions. Windshields also play an important role in front end accidents because the passenger side air bag actually bounces off of the windshield when it is deployed. Your windshield must be strong enough to support the force of a deploying air bag. According to GM, airbags deploy at about 200 MPH.

Additionally, the windshield helps keep occupants inside the cabin of the car. One of the most common causes of fatalities from motor accidents is ejection from the vehicle. The windshield helps keep you in the car in front end collisions.

If you have a cracked or chipped windshield, the structural integrity of your entire vehicle is at risk. Contact Wisconsin Windshield Centers for more information about windshields and our windshield repair services.

Auto Glass Cleaning Tips

With spring upon us, this is a great time to get your car washed to get rid of the winter grime. When you clean your car, you should pay special attention to your auto glass.

  • Put your car outside to clean it, or if you are in a garage open your windows so that you are not breathing in any fumes.
  • Find a glass cleaner that does not contain alcohol or ammonia. These chemicals can damage the tint on your auto glass. Also, cleaners with these chemicals can be damaging to leather and interior fabrics. When you use the cleaner on the inside of your car windows, you want a cleaner that can drip off them without damaging your interior.
  • Find a glass-cleaning, microfiber towel. These types of towels do not leave streaks easily, and do not scratch the auto glass.
  • Use long strokes to reduce the chance of leaving any streaks.
  • If you are cleaning your car outside, try to stay out of direct sunlight. This can cause your glass to dry faster than you are cleaning it. You might end up leaving stains where the cleaner dries.


How Long Does a Windshield Repair Take?

We often get asked, “How long does a windshield repair take?”, and for good reason. A broken or damaged windshield is a hassle. It is an inconvenient reality of being on the road, and you just want to get it taken care of as quickly as possible. Fortunately, our windshield repair process is one of the fastest in the industry.

With our Clarity® Windshield Repair Resin, one of our highly trained windshield repair technicians can repair your windshield in twenty minutes or less. That is because our repair resin was designed to have an accelerated curing time. When our repair technician exposes the resin to ultra violet, the resin cures in one minute.

Our repair technicians are highly skilled at locating damage and using the perfect amount of repair resin to fill the damage. After filling the damage and curing the resin, you are ready to drive away safely. We encourage all drivers with minor windshield damage to get the damage repaired. Not only is it more affordable, but windshield repairs are much faster than windshield replacements.

For more information about our windshield repair services and our Clarity® Windshield Repair Resin, please contact us or give us a call at 800-900-1505.