Safe Summer Driving Tips

Every season brings their own unique challenges and dangers associated with driving. Driving in the summer can be dangerous because of heat, busy roads, motorcycles, and teen drivers.

Car issues are very common in the summer. Overheating is a typical issue; the summer heat can cause severe stress on older cooling systems. Tires are also more likely to blowout during the summer in severe heat. Keep an eye on your car’s coolant levels and check tires regularly to avoid a summer breakdown.

The roads are all around busier in the summertime. People like traveling in the summer so you can expect highways to be congested on the weekends, especially holiday weekends. You can also expect to see a lot more motorcycles on the road as well. Remember to keep your distance from motorcycles and always “look twice to save a life”. Not only can you expect more motorcycles on the road, but more cyclists as well. If you live in a city area, you can probably expect to see many cyclists on the road.

During the summer months, you can also expect more teen drivers on the road as well. Teen drivers are inexperienced drivers and unfortunately they are dangerous on the road. Along with teenagers driving, all kids are on summer vacation. If you live in a suburban town, be aware that more kids will be playing on the streets.

Check your vehicle regularly and be aware that roads will be congested during the summer.

Will I be able to see the damage after the windshield repair?

After a windshield repair from Wisconsin Windshield Centers, the place of the windshield damage will be virtually invisible. This is because all of our windshield repair services utilize our Clarity® Windshield Repair Resin. This repair resin, which was developed specifically for Wisconsin Windshield Centers and partners, is designed to match the refractive index of the glass it is injected  into. This means that the glass will be extremely clear where the damage happened.

This guarantees the safest possible windshield repair. Our main concern with every repair is that the windshield is restored to its original strength so that it provides the highest level of safety and structural integrity to the driver and car. However, this is not enough. We call our windshield repair resin Clarity because it delivers the clearest view to the driver. The damage after a Wisconsin Windshield Centers windshield repair will be virtually invisible.

For more information about our windshield repair services, contact us at (800) 900-1505.

Do you Need Full Auto Glass Coverage?

Full auto glass coverage is a component or type of auto insurance that covers any damage to your windshield or auto glass. Full auto glass coverage can sometimes come in the form of comprehensive coverage, however, each insurance company is different, so you should always check with your provider.

Many of our customers think that their comp and collision covers their auto glass damage. However, this is often not the case. Auto glass damage, even simple chips and cracks, are not included in collision insurance in many packages offered by insurance companies.

It is important to check with your insurance provider to get all of the details of your auto glass damage situation. In some cases, insurance companies will waive the cost of a windshield repair, but not replacements. So if you have the opportunity to get your windshield repaired, take advantage of the situation.

Some insurance companies also have the option to pay a monthly rider for auto glass damage. You need to make the call about whether it is in your best financial interest to pay for the monthly rider or take the hit when you suffer auto glass damage.

How is your Windshield a Safety Feature for Automobiles?

Your windshield does more than just keep bugs and rocks out of your eyes. It is also a key safety component for your automobile. Just like the seat belt, air bags, and anti-lock brakes, the windshield has developed with automobiles over time to become an important element for keeping the driver and passengers safe.

The early windshield was designed to help the driver see while on the road. Nowadays, the windshield heavily contributes to the structural integrity of every automobile. In rollovers, the cabin of the car must remain intact as the roof of the car takes heavy impact, and if the car ends up landing on its back. The windshield helps provide the roof of the car with support, preventing the car from crushing in from the roof.

In front end collisions, the windshield also provides structural support to the front of the car. The windshield can provide up to 45% of structural support in front end collisions. Windshields also play an important role in front end accidents because the passenger side air bag actually bounces off of the windshield when it is deployed. Your windshield must be strong enough to support the force of a deploying air bag. According to GM, airbags deploy at about 200 MPH.

Additionally, the windshield helps keep occupants inside the cabin of the car. One of the most common causes of fatalities from motor accidents is ejection from the vehicle. The windshield helps keep you in the car in front end collisions.

If you have a cracked or chipped windshield, the structural integrity of your entire vehicle is at risk. Contact Wisconsin Windshield Centers for more information about windshields and our windshield repair services.

Keep your Side Mirrors from Getting Damaged

Most drivers will get in at least one or two unlucky or silly accidents in their lifetime. One of the worst of these is breaking your side mirrors.

There are a few situations in which you might break one of your side mirrors. One of the most common situations that can increase the likeliness of breaking your side mirrors is parking in a congested urban area. Narrow city streets offer the opportunity for drivers to smash your side windows. If you’re parking on a narrow city street, fold your side windows into your car for safe measure.

Some car washes require you to close your side windows. Usually this happens at older facilities, but it is worth folding them in just in case. Some attendants may forget to tell you to close your windows, so close them in just in case.

Some of us take pride in our parking abilities. Where others see a spot too tight, you see a challenge. But this is one of the situations where you can easily damage your side mirrors. Trying to squeeze into a tight parking spot is a great opportunity to break your mirrors.

One other less destructive way to damage your side mirrors is overusing your power windows. Tilting the side mirror around too much can cause the electronics to burn out. Letting your kids play with your side mirrors is a good way to kill the electronics powering the mirrors.