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How to De-Ice Your Windshield

Winter is just around the corner which means cold temperatures, falling snow, and of course, frozen windshields. A frozen windshield is a big inconvenience, especially when you’re trying to make it somewhere on time. Read these tips to learn how to properly de-ice your windshield without taking too long and without causing any damage to […]

What is Windshield Calibration?

Most new model vehicles have a wide range of features and technology available for car owners to select from when buying a new car. Although most of these modern advances can be useful, especially when you spend as much time in your car as you do, but they can also be extremely frustrating. Learning how […]

Mom-Friendly Vehicle Features

Mom’s (and even dads!) are working hard every day to bring the kids to school, participating in carpool, and everything in between. To make mom’s job easier, newer model vehicles are starting to incorporate more mom-friendly features into them. If you’re in the market for a new family-friendly vehicle, keep an eye out for these […]

How to Get Better Gas Mileage Out of Your Vehicle

As gas prices continue to increase, drivers are trying to drive as little as possible and when they do have to drive, they’re looking for ways to limit gas consumption. By driving safely and being aware of your surroundings, you won’t only stay safe but will also get better gas mileage and save a few […]

How to Check & Replace Your Windshield Wiper Blades

An often over-looked part of your vehicle’s routine maintenance, your windshield wipers are an extremely important part of driving safely. When it comes to rain and snow, without properly functioning windshield wipers, it can be difficult to see. Not to mention the damage they can do to your windshield if they’re faulty. To ensure your […]

Safe Driving Misconceptions

No matter how many features your car has or how you drive, driving safely and utilizing the features of your vehicle properly will ensure you’re protecting yourself, those in your vehicle, and other people on the road. Not adhering by these misconceptions can put yourself and others at risk. 1. Driving the Speed Limit is […]

Improve the Security of Your Car Windows

It’s often considered sage advice to keep all valuables out of your vehicle, or at least hidden from view. If you keep these items on display it is very likely you’re making your vehicle a prime target for theft. You might feel safe when you hear the “beep” of your car lock, but most thieves […]

3 Windshield Myths Debunked!

Folks like to believe all sorts of things, even when it comes to windshields. But, if you’re not talking to a certified auto glass technician, I’d take everything you hear with a grain of salt. The technicians at Windshield Centers are certified professionals who have the necessary training, knowledge, and work experience to solve your […]

Six Spring Driving Tips

Every season brings their own unique challenges for the driver. In the spring season, rains and the thawing winter make driving slippery and dangerous. Follow these tips to be ready for spring driving: Potholes can be found everywhere in March and April after winter starts to let up. In early spring, this is especially a danger […]