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What is a Windshield Bully?

The term “windshield bully” refers to a shady salesman that offers auto glass repair services to unsuspecting victims that do not actually need auto glass repair services. Windshield bullies typically approach their victims in parking lots, car washes, and other public places. They will usually approach a car owner and make remarks about the owner’s […]

Deer Collisions More Common in Fall

Fall is the season where it is most common for deer collisions to occur. According to State Farm, the likelihood of a deer or elk collision doubles in fall. The mating season is one of the main reasons why deer are on the move and end up being on the road. Additionally, newly built roads […]

What is OEM Glass?

OEM, or Original Equipment Manufacturer, glass is auto glass that is virtually identical to the glass that was installed into your car when originally manufactured. OEM glass is the most ideal glass to use for a windshield replacement because every manufacturer uses slightly different specifications for their auto glass. By using OEM glass, you can […]

Windshield Repair & Replacement Services throughout Wisconsin

Wisconsin Windshield Centers provides high quality windshield repair and replacement services throughout the state of Wisconsin. We have two locations where we provide in-shop auto glass services; we also travel 50 miles and further from these locations to provide mobile windshield replacement services. One of our auto glass shops is located in Brookfield, Wisconsin. Brookfield […]

Traveling Tips for Driving with your Dog

Road trips are extra fun when you bring your best friend along for the trip! More and more Americans are taking dog-friendly vacations, and that often requires a lot of travel time with your dog. All dogs are different; some of them love the car where others can’t stand taking a ride. Either way, if […]

History of Auto Glass

When automotive manufacturers began including glass windshields in their vehicles to protect drivers and passengers, many believed that the idea was revolutionary. The addition of glass would protect the driver from debris or shrapnel on the road and attribute to the overall safety and comfort for both the driver and passenger. Shortly after the installation […]

Windshield Repair at Home?

Getting your auto glass or windshield repair or replaced has never been easier with home auto glass service. Wisconsin Windshield Centers has a team of mobile windshield repair specialists that travel 50 miles (and sometimes farther) from our Brookfield and West Bend shops to perform expert windshield replacements and repairs right in our customer’s driveways […]

Safe Summer Driving Tips

Every season brings their own unique challenges and dangers associated with driving. Driving in the summer can be dangerous because of heat, busy roads, motorcycles, and teen drivers. Car issues are very common in the summer. Overheating is a typical issue; the summer heat can cause severe stress on older cooling systems. Tires are also more […]