As vehicle design continues to evolve and become more sophisticated, so do windshields. Today’s vehicles include new advancements to increase safety and ease of vehicle operation. A lot of these new features are built into or attached to new windshields. Vehicle manufacturers are featuring “smart windshield technology,” like sensors that can tell when it’s raining and turn on your wipers. Collision avoidance and lane departure systems use windshield-mounted cameras. Studies have shown that those innovations reduce accidents considerably. There are also special acoustical windshields that help Bluetooth communications sound better inside the cabin.


When customers call us and ask, “What kind of glass are you going to put into my vehicle?” we only know one answer, “The right kind.” Our predictive software knows exactly what technology each windshield should have. We carefully select the matching replacement windshield. We continuously train our technicians on evolving technologies, so you can always be sure that your new windshield has all of the original technology restored to function exactly as the manufacturer intended. And, we are continuously expanding our inventory to include all the new “smart “ windshields so that we can schedule the replacement you need fast and conveniently.

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