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How to Get Better Gas Mileage Out of Your Vehicle

As gas prices continue to increase, drivers are trying to drive as little as possible and when they do have to drive, they’re looking for ways to limit gas consumption. By driving safely and being aware of your surroundings, you won’t only stay safe but will also get better gas mileage and save a few bucks, too!

Give these tips a try.

  • Replace your mass air flow sensor, oxygen sensor, and your spark plugs
  • Avoid driving over 45 MPH when you’re not on the highway and stay in the zone of 40-45 MPH to reduce fuel consumption
  • Use your cruise control when driving on the highway to stay at a consistent speed (braking and accelerating too often will use more fuel)
  • Reduce your speed gradually when coming to a stop
  • Giving liberal following distance when driving behind other vehicles so you do not have to break and accelerate as frequently
  • Remove your roof rack when you’re not using it; it limits the aerodynamics of a vehicle