Safe Driving Misconceptions

No matter how many features your car has or how you drive, driving safely and utilizing the features of your vehicle properly will ensure you’re protecting yourself, those in your vehicle, and other people on the road. Not adhering by these misconceptions can put yourself and others at risk.

1. Driving the Speed Limit is Safe

The speed limits that are placed are speed limits for ideal driving conditions. When the roads are covered in black ice or when there are torrential downpours, driving the speed limit can be extremely dangerous. Instead, keep a slow speed and brake earlier than normal to ensure you have enough time and space to come to a complete stop at lights and stop signs.

2. Driving Slower is Safer

While this is true when the driving conditions is less than ideal, it’s actually unsafe to drive slower than the speed limit during ideal road conditions can put others on the road at risk as your car becomes a hazard. When people are entering and exiting an interstate, a car that is going well below the speed limit obstructs traffic flow and can cause similar consequences as if you were to leave a parked car in the middle of the road.

3. Using a Hands-Free Device Will Driving is Safe

While being hands-free in the car does allow you to keep both hands safely on the wheel, having a phone conversation while you are driving can distract your brain from driving. To keep yourself and others safe, try to avoid talking on the phone while you’re driving and wait until you reach your destination to return and phone calls or text messages.

4. Tailgating the Car in Front of You Will Make Them Go Faster

WRONG! Tailgating the car in front of you not only will cause them to drive slower out of frustration but also leaves a very small space between the two vehicles and if the front vehicle starts short, there’s a large chance you will rear end them.

5. The Left Lane is the Fastest Lane

Oftentimes, drivers will stay in the left lane as it typically moves faster and will get you to wherever you’re going in a quicker amount of time. In truth, the cars in the left lane still need to abide by the speed limit and the left lane should only be driven in when passing a vehicle in the right lane.

Next time you get in your car, make sure to drive as safe as possible!

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