What is a Windshield Bully?

The term “windshield bully” refers to a shady salesman that offers auto glass repair services to unsuspecting victims that do not actually need auto glass repair services.

Windshield bullies typically approach their victims in parking lots, car washes, and other public places. They will usually approach a car owner and make remarks about the owner’s windshield or auto glass, usually pointing out damage that either doesn’t exist or is extremely negligible.

The pitch used by many of the windshield bullies is to claim that they have some sort of “insurance loophole” or that their is a new state law that allows the car owner to get a free windshield replacement. The entire pitch is a scam designed to get you to pay for a windshield replacement that you do not need. Many times, the work done will not be up to the auto glass standards required by law, and you will have to replace the windshield again.

Never use an auto glass service that approaches you in a public place or at your house. Use friends and family and the internet to find a reputable auto glass service. And always consult with your insurance provider before committing to an auto glass service.

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