When Should You Change your Windshield Wipers?

It is important to periodically change your windshield wipers. This is a key car maintenance activity to ensure clear driving vision when it is raining or snowing. Windshield wipers should ideally be changed every 6 months to one year. Windshield wipers are made from rubber, which can deteriorate during the hot summer months. On the other hand, windshield wipers take heavy damage during the winter months as well due to wet and freezing conditions. The rubber and plastic of the wipers can only take so much damage as time goes by. There are a few things you should look out for that will indicate when it is time to change out your windshield wipers:

  • When the wipers are running during the rain, they create large streaks of water, rather than fully wiping away water. Alternatively, you’ll see large sections where water isn’t being moved at all. Most likely the rubber is damaged or warped so it is not creating a complete seal with the windshield.
  • If the wipers are starting to break down they will make a chattering or stuttering sound as they move across your windshield. They are damaged to a point where they are not straight anymore, and cannot create a seal as they wipe your glass.
  • The most obvious way to know its time to replace your windshield wipers is if you see the rubber peeling away from the wipers. This is bad! Your wipers won’t be doing you any good without the rubber attached. Get your wipers replaced as soon as you see this happening.

The windshield wiper can make a huge difference in raining or snowing conditions. They are important for driver vision, and therefore driver and passenger safety.

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