Will I be able to see the damage after the windshield repair?

After a windshield repair from Wisconsin Windshield Centers, the place of the windshield damage will be virtually invisible. This is because all of our windshield repair services utilize our Clarity® Windshield Repair Resin. This repair resin, which was developed specifically for Wisconsin Windshield Centers and partners, is designed to match the refractive index of the glass it is injected  into. This means that the glass will be extremely clear where the damage happened.

This guarantees the safest possible windshield repair. Our main concern with every repair is that the windshield is restored to its original strength so that it provides the highest level of safety and structural integrity to the driver and car. However, this is not enough. We call our windshield repair resin Clarity because it delivers the clearest view to the driver. The damage after a Wisconsin Windshield Centers windshield repair will be virtually invisible.

For more information about our windshield repair services, contact us at (800) 900-1505.

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