Windshield Calibration

Passengers riding within a vehicle are safe from various items like dirt, debris, snow, rain, wind, and much more thanks to the automobile’s windshield. These days, the windshield is intended to do much more than just keeping those within the vehicle safe from harm as they are now often relied upon in a lot of modern cars to uphold critical car safety systems such as Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS).






The Time to Calibrate

It is crucial that you recalibrate the windshield after a windshield replacement as well as an alteration to the vehicle’s suspension or wheel alignment if you find yourself the owner of an automobile that contains an advanced driver assistance system or any other critical car safety system that is dependent on the windshield to work successfully.





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Wisconsin Windshield Centers is happy to provide windshield calibrations as well as various other auto glass services to individuals located in the state of Wisconsin . Replacing and calibrating your automobile’s windshield is what the Wisconsin Windshield Centers staff is professionally trained in. To schedule any of our auto glass services, click here to make an appointment online, or call us at 877-AUTOGLASS.

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